The Only Bar and Indoor Dog Park in Arlington, Virginia: Grab a Drink at Snouts & Stouts

Dec 28, 2023 | Dog Parks, Indoor Dog Park & Bar

Are you looking for an indoor dog park in Arlington? As a dog owner, spending time with your furry friend is one of the greatest joys in life. However, finding a spot where your dog can run around and have fun while you relax with food and drink can be a challenge. If you’re a dog owner in Virginia, we’ve got exciting news for you! Snouts & Stouts is the only bar and indoor dog park in Arlington, Virginia, where you and your pup can have a great time together.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes Snouts & Stouts so special, and why it should be on your list of go-to spots with your canine companion.

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Weatherproof, Dirtproof Fun

As a dog owner, battling the weather to ensure your beloved pet gets its necessary playtime can be quite the hassle. Mother nature can be unpredictable, and undesirable weather patterns, such as severe rain or scorching heat, often disrupt plans for a fun day at the park. Besides the weather, there’s the dread of dealing with your dog coming back home caked in mud and needing an immediate bath.

However, with Snouts & Stouts, these concerns become obsolete. We provide an indoor haven for dogs to enjoy, regardless of the weather. Our indoor dog park is fully fitted with K9 specialized turf that is durable and prepared to withstand even the most boisterous of romps.

This means there’s no dirt for your dog to roll around in, eliminating the worry of muddy paw prints around your home. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or the sun is blazing hot, at Snouts & Stouts, you can rest easy knowing your pet can enjoy a fun, safe environment.

Our facility ensures you never have to cancel your plans due to the weather again. So bring your dog to Snouts & Stouts, and leave your worries at the door!

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Safety and Comfort Guaranteed

At Snouts & Stouts, the safety and comfort of your furry companions are paramount to us. We have a dedicated “Dog Patrol” team, a group of highly trained professionals who continuously monitor the park. They ensure that all dogs engage in positive play, fostering a fun and safe environment for all our canine friends. Our goal is to create a joyous atmosphere where dogs can be dogs, without any fear.

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But our commitment to safety and comfort doesn’t stop at the “Dog Patrol.” The managerial and ownership staff at Snouts & Stouts are Certified Professional Animal Care Providers (CPACP). This certification means they’ve undergone rigorous training and assessments to demonstrate their commitment to high-quality animal care. You can have peace of mind knowing that when you bring your dog to Snouts & Stouts, they’re in the safe and capable hands of industry professionals.

In addition to the certifications held by our managerial staff, we also invest in our employees by having them undergo training from The Dog Gurus training program. This initiative equips our team with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle any situation that may arise. Whether it’s managing energetic play or soothing a nervous new arrival, our team is trained to respond appropriately.

At Snouts & Stouts, your dog’s safety and comfort aren’t just considerations – they form the pillars of our mission. We pledge to provide an environment where your pet can enjoy their playtime to the fullest, while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is in the best possible hands.

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The Ultimate Spot for Dog Lovers

At Snouts & Stouts, we are more than just an indoor dog park – we are the ultimate spot for dog owners in Northern Virginia. Located on S Oakland St. in Virginia, just a short walk from Shirlington Dog Park, we offer an unparalleled experience that both you and your precious pooch will adore. There’s no denying that dogs are indeed man’s best friend, and here, we wholeheartedly celebrate that bond.

While your beloved pet enjoys our state-of-the-art facilities, you can take a well-deserved break in our bar area that features an ever-rotating selection of local craft beers, cocktails, and freshly-made food. For the non-alcoholic beverage enthusiasts, we also offer a wide array of refreshing, specialty sodas and coffees.

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to ensuring that our space is equally enjoyable for our two-legged visitors. Our seating area is thoughtfully designed to be dog-friendly. Here, dogs are more than welcome to sit right beside you. This means you can relax, enjoy your drink, eat some food, and still be right next to your pup. And it’s not just about the menu – our calendar is filled with a variety of fun and engaging events from trivia nights to live music, making every visit to Snouts & Stouts a unique experience.

At Snouts & Stouts, it’s all about creating a community where dog lovers can unwind, socialize and have some fun together, all while their four-legged pals enjoy an equally marvelous time. This is more than a business for us; it’s a passion, a lifestyle. So come on over, we can’t wait to welcome you and your furry friend to the best spot in Arlington!

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Menu Offerings for You and Your Dog at Snouts & Stouts

At Snouts and Stouts, we’re dedicated to making your pup feel special with our delicious menu. Our Chicken Rice Bowl is the perfect choice for a warm and satisfying dinner, made with cooked chicken, rice, carrots, and celery. But that’s not all – we also offer a range of refreshing Good Boy Dog Beers and a dog treat shop for your pup to enjoy.

In addition to our dog snack café, we have several delicious food and drink options for humans. From our expansive cocktail, beer, and wine bar to our tasty salads, sliders, and wings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So whether you’re here for the food or the fun, our new indoor dog park and bar in Virginia is the perfect place for you and your furry best friend.

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Requirements for Dogs to Visit Snouts & Stouts

At Snouts & Stouts, we absolutely adore dogs and want them to join in on the beer-sipping fun! To ensure the health and safety of all our canine companions, there are a few requirements that must be met before entering our establishment.

First and foremost, all dogs must be registered on our app and up to date on their vaccines. While we currently don’t have any breed or size restrictions, we do require that all dogs be at least 16 weeks old and have their vaccines current. Additionally, dogs older than 1 must be spayed or neutered.

To ensure the right balance of fun and safety at Snouts & Stouts, we ask that one human accompany each dog, and that person is at least 18 years old. Sorry, no doubling up on dogs allowed! The good news is, you’re welcome to invite as many humans as you like to join in the fun.

Each individual accompanying you, whether a friend or family member, contributes to our policy calculation. So, if you own a second dog and bring along a friend, we’ll permit both of your dogs to enter. This rule is mandatory due to the 1-to-1 dog-to-human policy set by the Virginia Department of Health.

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How Much Does it Cost to Visit Snouts & Stouts?

Entrance to Snouts & Stouts is always free for people. However, to bring along your canine companion, you’ll need either a membership or a day pass. Annual and monthly memberships can be conveniently purchased online here.

Our annual membership is an absolute steal at just $365, while our monthly membership is available at the affordable rate of $45. Being a member of Snouts & Stouts not only grants you and your pup unlimited entry every day, but also entitles you to a 10% discount at our bar, snack café, and dog treats. Plus, you’ll enjoy this same 10% off on our daycare services and any merchandise you pick up!

For those preferring a day visit, we offer day passes that you can purchase upon arrival. These passes, priced at a modest $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends, ensure your pooch has unrestricted access to all the fun and amenities at our facility for the entire day.

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Plan Your Trip to Snouts & Stouts Bar and Indoor Dog Park in Arlington, Virginia Today!

As the proud owner of Snouts & Stouts, I am delighted to extend a unique experience to dog lovers and their furry friends. Our indoor dog park and bar is a one-of-a-kind establishment that seamlessly combines recreation for both humans and their canine counterparts. What truly distinguishes us from the rest is more than just our indoor dog park. We take immense pride in offering an extensive array of services, meticulously tailored to accommodate every need of your beloved canine.

We provide professional dog daycare, training, and boarding services to ensure your pet is cared for and well-behaved. Visit our website today to see why Snouts & Stouts is considered the premier dog destination in Virginia. We are eager to welcome you and your four-legged companion to our unique establishment. See you soon at Snouts & Stouts!

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