Cooper’s Cafe

Cafe Hours

Mon - Thurs
7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

We’re so excited to finally be able to share our newest addition to Snouts & Stouts: Cooper’s Cafe.

Cooper’s Cafe was created to bring together our two favorite things, coffee and dogs. Named after our Snouts & Stout’s Pawsident, Cooper, we know this cafe will be an uplifting and joyful spot for all.

Come by to check it out, whether you’re dropping your dog off at daycare or needing a quick pick-me-up. Plus, no day pass or membership necessary. We can’t wait to see you soon!

dog food options at snouts and stouts

Furry-Friendly Treats

That’s right! We’re not really here just for you – its your furry friends we favor. Grab them a savory treat while you enjoy your brewski!

P.S. We love you too.
P.S.S. We naturally love them more.


Do I need a membership to get in?

Snouts & Stouts is always free to enter for people, but to bring your dog in, you will either need to have a membership or buy a day pass the day you come in to gain access to the premises. This is for the protection of our human and furry friend guests. You can purchase a membership online here.

Is is truly an indoor dog park?

Yes! You may notice other establishments in the area claim they are an indoor dog park, but when you go check them out, the indoor part is either very small or does not seem like a dog park at all.

At Snouts & Stouts, we stand by the claim of being an Indoor Dog Park as we have 6,000 SQFT of open and indoor space that is always climate controlled.

All dogs are REQUIRED to be off-leash when inside of the off-leash park.

Will it smell or be really loud since you are inside?

Nope! With the specialized K9 turf and flushing system, Snouts & Stouts will always be extremely clean. If your dog urinates, it goes straight through and then the top of the turf is cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner. If your dog defecates, it will immediately be cleaned up by our dog patrol and thrown away in a vacuum-sealed trash bin and then the turf will be spot treated.

Also, we will have soundproofing around our walls and ceilings to create an environment that allows dogs to have fun and bark without the noise being overwhelming to you.

Who are the "Canine Rufferees" ?

Our "Canine Rufferees" are our employees that will walk around Snouts & Stouts to make sure all dogs are following our rules of play, making sure they are having lots of fun, getting enough water, and picking up after them.

By entering the park, you permit Snouts & Stouts staff to handle your dog and break up any fights that may ensue.

This allows you to grab a drink and sit back and relax!

You will also have daycare & boarding services?

Yes! Snouts & Stouts will be offering Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding during the week where your dog can play at our facility, supervised, while you are at work! You can check out more details on our website below:

Dog Daycare
Dog Boarding

Will you also have a bar?

Yes! We know many people enjoy the option of having a drink while their dog plays, so we wanted to incorporate that into our indoor dog park.

Will you serve food?

Yes! We will have a snack café that will have many amazing yummy snacks and meals for you to eat, as well as treats you can buy for your dog. We only serve food that would not be harmful to dogs if they happen to steal a bite. Our menu will be announced before we open in 2023.

What are your vaccination rules?

Yes! You must register your dog before arriving at Snouts & Stouts online and upload vaccine records to our app.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Please upload vaccination records online via the Membership Portal (app) prior to arrival. We require current Rabies and Distemper (DHPP/DHLPP/Da2PP) vaccinations. Dogs with contagious health conditions are not permitted in the park.

All dogs must be flea and tick free.

At this time we do not require the Canine Influenza vaccine but we STRONGLY recommend it. Snouts & Stouts reserves the right to enforce requiring the Canine Influenza vaccine before entry at any point in the future.

How old must my dog be?

Dogs must be 16 weeks old and up to date on vaccinations before entering Snouts & Stouts.

Do you have any breed or size restrictions?

No! As long as your dog is up to date on vaccinations and is well-socialized, they are more than welcome at Snouts & Stouts!

We will also have a separate gated section for small dogs to play!

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

Yes, all dogs older than 1 year old must be spayed/neutered before entering Snouts & Stouts. If your dog has a medical exemption and cannot be spayed/neutered, email us at for special approval.

No dogs in heat.

Do you accept cash?

No, Snouts & Stouts is a cashless business! We use a lot of technology within our facility and to create an efficient, simple and easy experience for you, we only accept major credit cards via our online ordering and in person kiosks.

What is your 1-to-1 dog-to-human policy?

To keep Snouts & Stouts as safe and fun as possible, we require that 1 human accompany every dog. That means for every dog coming in, there must be an owner with that dog. One owner cannot bring two dogs into Snouts & Stouts. Also, each owner must be at least 18 years old. However, there is no limit on the number of people you can bring so bring all your friends and have a great time!

Any friend or loved one you bring with you counts towards our policy so if you have two dogs and bring one or more friends then both of your dogs will be allowed in.

This 1-to-1 dog-to-human policy is also a rule set by the Virginia Health Department that we must abide by.

Will you feed my dog during daycare?

No, we ask that you feed your dog before dropping them off at daycare and give them any necessary medications needed as we will not administer any unless there are any special circumstances.

However, we will feed your dog breakfast and dinner if you have signed them up for boarding.

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter Snouts & Stouts with your dog or by yourself. You must be at least 21 years old to drink alcoholic beverages at Snouts & Stouts, and your ID will be checked. Children under 10 years old are not allowed in the off-leash areas. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

If I share my dog with my significant other, do we need multiple memberships?

No, memberships are tied to only the dogs. If you and your significant other share a dog, you only need one membership and both of you will be listed as owners of the dog and will both be able to access all membership benefits.

Do you accept titer tests?

Yes, in lieu of vaccination records, we will accept titer tests within 6 months showing that your dog has the appropriate level of immunity.

Where can I park?

There are a number of private and public parking spots for when you arrive at Snouts & Stouts! For a full guide check out our parking details on our website here.

What if I have more than 2 dogs and want them all to be members?

After you purchase the initial membership for your first dog at our usual rate of $365 for the year or $45 for the month, your remaining dogs that you want signed up as a member will all be eligible for the "2nd dog discount"! This only applies if they all live in the same household.

For example with annual membership:

First dog: $365
Second dog: $120
Third dog: $120

Can my dog sitter bring my dog to the park?

Dogs are only allowed in with the primary and secondary owners listed on your profile. If you have a dog sitter and want to allow them to come to the park with your dog, please contact us.